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Real Estate Agenti Insurance

Real Estate Agent Insurance Quotes

Real estate is big business worldwide. A lot of money is on the line with real estate investments.

Many people have their lives and dreams wrapped up in their homes. It can be a very emotional and personal process to buy and sell a home. No one disputes the seriousness of the situation, and the need for a real reputable real estate agency.

No matter how careful real estate agencies are, problems do arise. These problems support the need for real estate agents insurance.

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Because there tends to be so much on the line during some realty transactions, it is not uncommon for someone to bring a frivolous or even false claims to court. People do strange things when their life is on the line. Covering the costs to defend yourself and your real estate agency against these types of claims could wipe you or your realtors business out. You can lose everything you have built as a real estate agent with one false claim.

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No realtor plans to make mistakes, but they do and accidents will happen. Whether or not you're at fault, real estate agent insurance will cover your court costs. The real estate business is a serious one with serious benefits and serious risks. Protect your real estate agency accordingly with the proper real estate agent insurance.

There may also be other insurance coverages that
a real estate agent will need to run and protect
your realty business.

These coverages may include:

  • Real Estate Agent Liability Insurance
  • Real Estate Agent Workers Compensation
  • Real Estate Agent Umbrella Insurance
  • Real Estate Agent Theft Insurance
  • Real Estate Agent EPLI Insurance
  • Real Estate Agent Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Real Estate Agent Errors & Omissions
  • and more

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Real estate agency insurance will not only handle the defense of the claim, realtors insurance will also cover the costs of settlements... if it goes that way. Of course there are deductibles that must be met as there is with most insurance. There are often two different deductibles in most policies. One would be allocated to the defense costs and the other would be allocated in the event that you would have to pay a settlement.

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Real Esate Agency Insurance Quotes
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