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Supermarket Insurance

Supermarket Insurance Quotes

Supermarket insurance is an essential need whether your super market business occupies one location, or an entire chain of locations.

Supermarkets have been prone to accidents and injuries. Whether it be a customer slipping in an aisle, or an employee falling while stocking a shelf, the supermarket business owner can and will be held liable.

Being prepared for such events is the only defense your supermarket will have to protect yourself, your employees and all of your hard work.

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Supermarkets are among the most unique retail establishments in terms of insurance needs.

The presence of food requires regular cleaning that could increase the possibility of slip and fall accidents at the supermarket.

The constant rotation of new products leaves aisles and floors loaded with materials that could results in employee or patron injuries.

Many of the supermarkets products are perishable. This presents supermarkets with a greater chance of loss than many other retail establishments.

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The right supermarket insurance plan will cover your employees, your customers, and any third party personnel who should become injured inside of the store or anywhere else on your grounds. 

Your supermarket insurance policy can also cover your building (if owned), equipment, racking, inventory and all other business personal property contained within your building.

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Without a complete and comprehensive supermarket insurance plan it would be difficult for your supermarket business to remain profitable.

Your supermarket insurance plan will need several lines of insurance coverages included in your supermarket insurance policy.

These coverages may include:

  • Supermarket Liability Insurance
  • Supermarket Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Supermarket Property Insurance
  • Supermarket Umbrella Insurance
  • Supermarket Theft Insurance
  • Supermarket Fire Insurance
  • Supermarket EPLI Insurance
  • Supermarket Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Supermarket Product Liability Insurance
  • Supermarket Bodily Injury Insurance
  • Supermarket Property Damage Insurance
  • Supermarket Pollution Insurance
  • Supermarket Employee Dishonesty Insurance
  • Supermarket Group Health Insurance
  • Supermarket Boiler and Machinery Insurance
  • Supermarket Spoilage Insurance
  • Supermarket Equipment Breakdown Insurance
  • and more

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Even the cleanest, well stocked supermarkets would have a difficult time remaining profitable if they were’t covered by a good supermarket insurance policy.

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Supermarket Insurance Quotes
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