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Travel Agent Insurance

Travel Agent Insurance Quotes

Running your own travel agency can be a very successful and rewarding career.

You, as a respected travel agent, have the opportunity to custom tailor trips for your clients that will create the best part of their year...their vacation.

With this lucrative travel agent business, comes
great legal responsibilities, and like every other business in America... will need an insurance plan to protect you and your travel agency in the event of a financial loss.

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If your clients come to your office to discuss and choose from a variety of plans that you have created for their vacation, your travel agency business will be held liable if your client gets injured while at your travel agency.

Would you travel agency be able to afford the cost of legal defense incurred from an accident as simple as a slip & fall?

Your travel agents insurance plan will have insurance coverage that protects you and your travel agency in the event of a financial loss.

As a travel agent, you will be very reliant on your computer equipment to help you make your living. Your travel agency insurance policy will have coverage in place to repair or replace any equipment or business contents that becomes damaged, lost, or stolen in a situation such as a flood, fire, or theft.

With a travel agent insurance policy in place, you will have the opportunity to quickly resume operations without suffering a financial loss.

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If you send information to or collect information from clients and customers over the computer, whether it is promotional material, reservations, confirmations or financial information for payment, your travel agents insurance plan will need to provide coverage that extends to include computer damages.

If a client becomes the victim of identity theft or if their property becomes damaged as a result of dealings with your business, your travel agency will be held liable.

Your travel agency will need to be fully protected from these such instances with your travel agency insurance policy....even if only a small portion of your dealings with clients are handled online.

There are many insurance coverages that a travel agencies may need. These coverages may include:

  • Travel Agent Liability Insurance
  • Travel Agent Workers Comp Insurance
  • Travel Agent Property Insurance
  • Travel Agent Umbrella Insurance
  • Travel Agent Theft Insurance
  • Travel Agent Fire Insurance
  • Travel Agent EPLI Insurance
  • Travel Agent Errors & Omissions Insurance
  • Travel Agent Employee Dishonesty Insurance
  • Travel Agent Group Health Insurance
  • and more

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In order to be a successful travel agent you’ve got to be able to offer your clients and customers products and services that they can afford. 

In order to have the confidence to offer your services for prices that will beat your competition, you need to have complete confidence in the fact that you are protected financially if any unforeseen circumstances should occur.

If you want protection that fits your needs as a travel agent, you need a travel agent insurance policy that is catered toward that exact type of service that you provide to your customers.

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Get Travel Agent Insurance Quotes
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Travel Agent Insurance Quotes
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